Dr. Janet and her staff love your smile

Dr. Janet Thom's office, located in the heart of Kerrisdale for over 15 years, is where the skillful art of dentistry is practiced to enhance your smile.

Dr.Janet and her team of highly dedicated professionals Kaitlin Jenn Marian and Quinn work together during your visit to provide an overall positive experience leaving you informed, at ease and confident in your treatment.

There is a lot of good news and some not-so-good news about the oral health of Canadians, according to a report released last month  by the Canadian Dental Assoication, says Dr. Thom.

" There have been significant improvements in oral health for Canadians of all ages." she says. "but in particular..."

If you have recently moved to the friendly community of Kerrisdale and have not yet decided where to get your 'smile' looked after, please visit www.drjanetthom.ca or call us at 604-261-1943.